Frequently Asked Questions

  • To comply with industry regulation
  • To verify that your internal policies and procedures (which you spend a lot of time and money in maintaining) are followed
  • To improve productivity of manpower by providing real-time, relevant updated information / status
  • To show Due Diligence for legal, HR, EHS and internal policy purposes
Results is the measure of efficiency of an enterprise. If staffs are monitored, reminded, tested and informed regarding what they should do and know, they are naturally more productive. Also, you save time by automating the whole workflow; importing, assigning, testing, the review/approval cycle, reminding, revising, metric gathering and reporting on any and all of your business critical records.
Top management can rest easy knowing there is a certain, auditable system that confirms Due Diligence of executing compliance procedures.
Management can instantly see who has received, read, understood and commented a compliance. By knowing who has not done a specific action, management only need address those who have not complied – optimizing management time. Responsibility of every employee makes the entire organization more effective. Management get real time status of compliance and get alert for non-compliance when triggered through proper channel to resolve it.
Watcher provides accountability for each individual. Employees who “do the right thing” can be recognized and rewarded and those who do not can be held accountable – ultimately improving overall productivity. Further, employees are given the opportunity to communicate within Watcher with their superior if have any hindrance to do particular compliance.
Watcher is a web-based compliance management, electronic distribution, on-line access, and submission for approval accessed through the Internet using a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. Compliance and other documents can be easily and securely uploaded to the Watcher servers where they can be viewed, submit and approved by authorized individuals. Employees are notified, and if necessary reminded, about compliance affecting them via email and other communication methods. Employee actions -- such as receiving, submission, and approval of a compliance –- are recorded. Metrics are available to management through the same web browser interface.
Hardly at all! The IT department may be asked to provide to Watcher the organization’s user information, via a file, on a regular basis. The IT department will need to provide users with access to the Internet and a commonly used browser such as FireFox or Internet Explorer.
Users only need Internet access and a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) No special hardware or software is required.
  • Safe, secure and fast
  • Easy to operate
  • Control flexibility at all level of user, operation and review
  • Communication and alerts
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Online support at each step
Just contact to It can easily convert to your existing Free trial plan to whatever premium plan you want.
Yes. System contains your data as it is. As per your premium plan, system will upgrade features accordingly.
Just contact to They will provide option about how do payment.
Virtually any type of Compliance can be handled; e.g. Regulation, internal policy and local government intended for an individual, group, or groups of companies. Says, one time, regular, uneven and event base compliance can manage.
No. Only English language right now support but in future we make available require language.
Watcher has the built-in feature to import any type of Compliance from your data records via excel file. The document is uploaded to the Watcher server and managed there. Alternatively you can create from Watcher individually.
Yes! The source file can be retrieved and edited or it can edit directly edit with Watcher.
Forever! Compliance can be import / create by the owner, but remain in Watcher for reporting and auditing purposes as long as you are a customer.
Yes. Watcher provides an automated Best Practices of dash board status on real time basis. Watcher is extremely flexible -- allowing variations in the process to meet the organizations / user needs.
Watcher has in-build function of maker checker, an authoriser can define maker checker compliance wise to allocate appropriate responsibility.
To change frequency of compliance there is option to update from Watcher.
Yes, Watcher has various facility for classification of compliance says nature of law, act name wise, nature of penalties, location, record type etc. and one time, periodical and event base compliance.
Yes, In this case checker and submitter should be same, i.e. user have to change control rights accordingly.
Same compliance can be assign many different location and user if its require to comply location or unit wise.
Yes, they can upload, Option for require acknowledgment should be activate from Watcher
All type of compliance will manage just about any type of compliance you have! Anything from regulation, EHS, internal policy compliance etc. whether it is one time, periodical or event base. Watcher will manage unlimited for your organization. This presents your organization with a scalable and economical entry level solution.
Compliance can distributed as per the hierarchy set by the organisation location wise means Watcher provides hierarchical, flat and virtual groupings to organize recipients by department, job function, and other classifications then a notification sent to the recipient. The recipient clicks on a link to and redirected to submission form. Compliance can be assign in bulk or individually to targeted recipients.
Anywhere and anytime you have access to the Internet with a browser.
Yes, you can change it, from Watcher or can upload updated bulk compliance excel file to mass change.
Watcher has in-built facility when any event is happen and user triggered it in software an auto notification is goes to checker and authorise and compliance is generated.
In system of Compliance Watcher all Data pass over secure HTTP(Https). System hosted with very secure server and password stored in encrypted format. Watcher performs regular “Hacker attacks” against the servers to minimize risks.
Watcher supports an unlimited number of unique accounts. Within each account, powerful administrative configuration features can enable individuals to be included within any group and to have specific access rights within the group.
At any level within the organization, the compliance results are presented in dashboard format, with compliance statistics, drill-down, and drill-around capability.
You cannot improve what you do not measure. By measuring your compliance -- who, what, when, and where -- you can instantly receive the knowledge you need to establish and maintain compliance.
Yes! At any level within the organization, a person may be assigned as a “checker”. The checker role can view all statistics at and below the assigned level.
Watcher includes a built-in report / search. Every available data field is showing for reporting by an authorized user. Reports can be built by Watcher or an authorized user in the organization and re-used as needed.
There is no absolute limit to the number of users the system can handle. It would be unlikely for every user on the system to login and operate the compliance at the same time. There may be some delay retrieving a compliance when a large number of users (thousands) attempt to retrieve the same compliance at the same time, but due to the nature or random requests this should be extremely rare.
Watcher give you a notification for summation and approval of compliance done and auto updation of user dashboard. The dashboard shows summary information as percentage of compliance in various category.
Yes! A Chatting facility can help to communicate and discuss problems related to compliance at any time.
Watcher has audit trail function which helps in monitoring compliance that who modify and action taken.
Watcher has inbuilt chatting facility to reach recipients and auto email is sent through Watcher to higher authority for further action as define in system. However, notifications can be routed to a checker, and authoriser.
Yes. Watcher Automatic Scheduling compliance due date as per flow.
Yes, Watcher can activate or deactivate any compliance in between and can start letter on.