• Reduce Risk of Legal Compliance
    by Compliance Wacther
    Compliance Watcher helps in reducing non productive time of responsible teams by
    cutting down/ eliminating time spent on information gathering, compiling, precessing,
    and reporting compliance status - resulting in avoiding of penalties and harassment.
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  • Why Legal Compliance?
    Companies are subject to increasing external review and scrutiny on legal
    and regulatory issues for safety and soundness and compliance with various laws.
    Outside of the financial arena, there are environmental regulations,
    safety concerns, the measurement of biometric risk for consumers or home-owners
    and a whole host of frequently conflicting requirements that require a broad view of commercial-governmental interactions.
    Compliance Dashboard

Compliance Watcher can be adapted to suit any kind of organization irrespective of size and industry.

It is ready to use with no installation hardware or 3rd party software. It is very user friendly with little or no training required.

Though a dedicated service team is readily available and keen to assist in seamless transition and any implementation support required.


Centralized storage of documents (including proofs of compliance) Display document status and other relevant details.

Fully secure and hack-proof data storage Cooments record etc.

Delivery Model & Access

Ready to use on Cloud base and on premises Flexible licencing in terms of users, companies, location, and space.

Role-based access to system modules.

Screens are designed for faster access over the cloud
Web based - 24 x 7 - anytime, anywhere - availability.